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Education through Exhibition

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Education through Exhibition Empty Education through Exhibition

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:19 pm

Education through Exhibition
Education through Exhibition 50513_49834501147_1812433_n
About Gary Stewart: Geologist, Paleontologist, Zoologist. Member of the Royal Geological Society, Member of the London Geological Society, Professor at the University of London.
Contact: Prof.Stewart@LondUniversity.uk

This is the blog of Professor Gary Stewart. Geologist, Zoologist, and Paleontologist from the University of London. I do a lot of travels, more work with Volcanoes and other major Geological events than I do with Paleontology or Zoology.

So.. what exactly is the purpose of this? Well I find that 'taking' people to these sites and educating them has a far more greater effect than just talking about it. Showing what is there and letting them see it, teaches far more than some boring lecture.

With each exhibition I usually write down all these notes, and well I find it selfish to keep them all to myself. So I am going to be starting a blog to share what I find, what I see and what I experience during these trips around the world..

If the trip involves a Volcano or any other special Geological place, I will post data as to what sort of volcano it is, where it is located, if it is a threat, and how imminent the threat is.

Feel free to ask a question here on my blog, or by email. I love questions. The question can be related to the current exhibition or about something else.

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Education through Exhibition Empty Mount Hekla

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 23, 2013 10:37 pm

Exhibition to Mount Hekla
Education through Exhibition Theheklavolc
The date is October 23, 2013
It is currently 37 degrees Celsius and still dropping. I have been brought to Iceland to study the volcano since it's last eruption ten years ago to see how the land is healing and if we are once again threatened with another eruption from one of the most active volcanoes just not in Iceland but in the World.

Name: Mount Hekla
Translation: Hooded
Alias: The Gateway to Hell
Location: Southern Iceland
Coordinates: 63°59′N 19°42′W

Brief Fact: Called the Gateway to Hell. It is believed that condemned souls traveled through the volcano to hell every time the volcano erupted. It is a unique type of volcano, called a Fissure stratovolcano. Hekla has a 5.5 kilometer long fissure. Usually the who fissure and the volcano erupts during an eruption.

The largest lava field covers 80% of the island with traces in other countries of northern Europe, all of it is from Mount Hekla.  

For some reason, that is still being researched, Volcanoes of Iceland and Europe contain more carbon dioxide than volcanoes of the Pacific Rim, making them more explosive. After the 2000 eruption patches of grass that were untouched by the eruption turned yellow and pink with livestock that was left dying of poisoning. It is an event the locals call Móduhardbindin, "Death by famine caused by poisonous gas".

Type of Volcano: Fissure Stratavolcano
Height: 1, 491 meters ( 4,892 feet )
Status: Active
Threat: Moderate to High
Last Eruption: February 28, 2000

Since it's last eruption on February 28, 2000 Hekla's activity level did drop for a little while. But in the year of 2010 there were reports of pressures in the magma chamber being at the same level as it's previous eruption pressures were a cause of deep concern. As of now the status of travels to and around the volcano remain at Yellow, which means  travelers must take caution as they travel.

There is a deformation happening to the mountain by the means if inflation. Which means the magma chamber is rising up in the Volcano. It is more noticeable in the North section of the mountain meaning the main activity of the magma chamber is there.

Like with any volcano, it is hard to forecast when the next eruption will happen, but with the microquakes that are taking place around the mountain, and the continued deformity of the mountain.. I can say that an eruption may happen sometime in the near future where once again the gates of hell will be opened.

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