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We All Pay For Our Sins // Lucille

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We All Pay For Our Sins // Lucille Empty We All Pay For Our Sins // Lucille

Post by Guest on Wed Oct 23, 2013 8:38 pm

Jonathan Blaze was riding his motorcycle down a street, his other half, the Ghost Rider, Zarathos had sensed the presence of evil, a grave evil. Johnny did not wish to try and seek out the evil, but if he did not, Zarathos would take control entirely until the job was done, and if Zarathos did that, the damage would be much greater. He felt the anger burning in Zarathos, Zarathos sought to punish the source, well this was going to be great, best case scenario Zarathos would likely cause a lot of property damage, worst case, he goes on a rampage, intending to punish every minor slight performed. Johnny knew once the fight started, he would need to move it, move it to some were isolated.

Johnny drove by a bar, he felt Zarathos telling him to stop, brilliant a bar, of course it had to be bar, if Zarathos went on a rampage, well most of the customers would not see tomorrow. Johnny parked his motorcycle and walked into the bar, he started to look around, trying to find who Zarathos wanted to punish, at the same time Johnny prayed for the best. Johnny did not know who the target was, but he hoped the target would leave the bar, leave to somewhere isolated, so when conflict arose, damage would be small.

Johnny took a seat and ordered a drink, if he could drink himself under, perhaps Zarathos would not be able to do anything for the time being, if so good. Zarathos could do more harm than good at times, or rather most of the time. Only on rare occasion was Zarathos punishments fitting for the sins.

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We All Pay For Our Sins // Lucille Empty Re: We All Pay For Our Sins // Lucille

Post by Guest on Mon Oct 28, 2013 9:36 pm

Lucille was completely oblivious to what was bound to happen with her that night. She had left Hell once again, as she usually did, and had come out on Earth, being in constant need of another human’s soul to torture, another young man or woman to make her own. She loved this power and she had still not got bored of it, but who would? He met handsome men and beautiful women and turned them into her own sex toys. Afterwards, God help, she did whatever she wished with them, and satisfaction was taken to a whole new level. No mortal could feel with anyone the way he or she felt with her, so she did not necessarily consider herself to be one of the evil. She gave people pleasure, it was not her fault that those tiny white angels had no idea what this meant. In her opinion, they were sad creatures who did not know how to have fun, how to feel good and, most important, how to enjoy themselves.

Entering a random pub, she went straight to the bar to order something delicious to drink that night. Alcohol was another thing she enjoyed, especially when it was mixed with sex. In which way, that was up to each individual’s imagination. Despite the fact that at first she had wanted something strong, she eventually decided for a cocktail, a White Russian for example. She gave the young barmaid a charming smile, before taking her glass and letting her emerald-green eyes to wander around the place, trying to find her next victim. And her eyes almost instantly fell on a young man that was sitting all by himself, as if looking for someone as well. A devious grin forming in the corners of her red lips, her hips swayed they way towards him, only stopping right in front of him. “I am sorry,” she almost whispered, her voice coming out as soft, but tempting. “Is this seat taken?”


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