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What happens in Miami || Open Empty What happens in Miami || Open

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 19, 2014 7:59 pm

Lucille had left Hell once again, as she usually did, and had come out on Earth, being in constant need of another human’s soul to torture, another young man or woman to make her own. She loved this power and she had still not got bored of it, but who would? He met handsome men and beautiful women and turned them into her own sex toys. Afterwards, God help, she did whatever she wished with them, and satisfaction was taken to a whole new level. No mortal could feel with anyone the way they felt with her, so she did not necessarily consider herself to be one of the evil. She gave people pleasure, it was not her fault that those tiny white angels had no idea what this meant.

This time, she had decided for almost a week on the torrid beaches of Miami, because what place would have been better than that for the demon of Lust? For starters, however, she picked a more private side of the beach. It was early in the morning, so she could only see a few people over there, none of them presenting any kind of interest for her. Leaving her stuff on the shore, she jumped in the chilly, passionate waves of the sea. It had been so long since she had last done that, and she had missed it all so much!



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