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Lets have a Chat // Bella de Jour Empty Lets have a Chat // Bella de Jour

Post by Phil Coulson on Thu Jan 16, 2014 10:28 pm

Coulson walked down the streets of London, he was on another mission. SHIELD had discovered that a certain entertainer working in London had clients that associated with Centipede. SHIELD did not have too many details regarding the Centipede, thus they were grabbing at every opportunity they could find, Coulson also had a sense of anger against Centipede, Mike Peterson was a decent person, a father and he was killed by Centipede. Mike may have betrayed him to Centipede, but Coulson understood why, they took Mike's son, god damn it, another child without a father. And then there was Akela, one of Coulson's most promising students, Centipede sure had alot to answer for.

Coulson saw his target and approached her from behind he then said in a calm tone, "Miss Baxter, could come with me for a moment ma'am, I am Agent Coulson from the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistic Division, we need to have a brief talk with you about certain clients of yours." Coulson then prepared to chase after the asset he was retrieving if the asset decided to run away. Lots of people run away when they hear its SHIELD, and that never ends out well. Coulson then waited for the assets response and reaction. Maybe this woman would feign ignorance to whom he was referring to, that never works, SHIELD is never wrong, trust the system. Coulson trusted the system, he obeyed the system, atleast most of the time.
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