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Mutant Rights (open)

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Mutant Rights (open)  Empty Mutant Rights (open)

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 12, 2014 9:45 am

The best thing about the brief period when he'd lost his powers, was that Eric was reasonably free to wonder around, so long as he didn't show off too much. He'd shown his Brotherhood, but no one else, that his powers were coming back. He did not want to be hit with the so called cure again.

It was fairly late at night, and Eric was walking around the suburbs of the city with little to no purpose, when he heard the sounds of an attack. Normally he would not care for the happenings of the humans, but amongst the noise of the scuffle, he heard the words: mutant, freak, abomination. His anger spiked; memories of the Holocaust when he was a child flooded back.

Moving swiftly towards the sounds, Magneto let a small smirk appear on his face. Humans always used metal weapons; it would be easy to defeat this person who sought to stop their certain extinction by eliminating the superior race. The attack was also making a fair amount of noise. Perhaps a pesky 'hero' may join him, not that they'd be necessary of course.

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Mutant Rights (open)  Empty Re: Mutant Rights (open)

Post by Guest on Fri Jan 31, 2014 6:16 pm

Winter was quite lost. Stopping, she peered down a random alley way that happened to be nearby. Why, oh, why was there an alley way upon every block? Was it yet another human tradition that made so little sense? Perhaps, it was simply the way they built their cities. Ah, cities. Quite a new concept to her, to say the least. On her home planet, Malcassairo, there was nothing left but the rubble of the last of time's collections. Clans set up a few camps, sure, but nothing like the towering cement mountains that loomed on her. Stretching into the sky, trespassing cruelly, and displaying wealth and status.

Truly, a world to be hated. It was so very pompous, imprudent, and such a bickering population. Voices rang into her ear, one laughing loud and rudely, and her ears perked like a curious cat's when she picked up the phrase


What the hell was a mutant? She was certainly losing her charm. If she didn't know precisely what the world held in store for her, what she had to be up against... Then she would find herself face down in a ditch. Really, she didn't have a lovable personality, and though others often gave her space and ignored her precense completely, she felt a strong obligation to be the best. To know the most. To be the wisest.

If she wasn't the best, what was she left to be? Some monster, roaming the streets, occasionally mistaken for a hero of some sort? Winter stepped up to the entry of the alley way. It was just a bit to dark for her to see anything down it, to see what was going on.

Her, a hero? What a silly passing thought that was!

She wasn't. Winter was cruel, unforgiving, and had no ethics left of her own. Or rather, she quite told herself that. But, the woman was not quite as terrible as she seemed. Her wild nature was easily explained, her insanity was to be excused by her age, even her lack of ethics was merely a facade. One she'd kept up for so long, even she was starting to believe it.

Winter glanced beside her, she hadn't realised she'd stepped beside an elderly faced man, he'd blended so well into the shadows. Winter was quite an old fasioned woman, drawing a bow and arrow, slipping the arrow into the notch and taking aim in one simple movement. Lightly carved designs decorated the bow, and the end of the arrow was balanced by a crow's feather and a thin leather strap.

"You should be in a wheel chair, you realise?" She taunted with a good humoured smile, training the arrow at the shadows. Just as soon as she could see the situation, she could kill the man who had decided to pick on anyone different. that wasn't heroic..

Was it?

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Mutant Rights (open)  Empty Re: Mutant Rights (open)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 02, 2014 1:52 pm

As he drew closer to the attack, Eric took to the shadows to gain a better view of what was happening before engaging. He was not the type to leap in before looking; that was a kind of foolish behaviour that he frowned upon. Instead, he lingered in the shadows of an alleyway around the corner, and opted to approach stealthily. It was possible, though terribly unlikely, that the foolish humans weren't using metal weapons. If that was the case, they would be harder to defeat, and would require slightly more caution and planning on his part. He needed them to pay for daring to try and prevent their own extinction.

Before he could advance further onto the human savages attacking the superior mutant, a woman holding wielding a bow and arrow stopped by his side. Eric smirked to himself in the dark. This woman must be one of those pesky heroes he'd half expected to join him. At first, she did not notice him, which only heightened Eric's amusement further.

Eric did not appreciate the slight on his age that the strange woman gave when she did finally notice him, but hid his irritation behind a bemused smile.
""Should I?" he said incredulously. "My dear woman, perhaps you do not realise whom you are speaking to."

Using his power and his ears, Eric tried to sense more of the situation. He could hear one man shouting insults, but no other voices. It would be easy to defeat him, thought Eric, almost too easy. He let a small, menacing smile appear on his face. No human had the right to lord over the superior race of mutants.

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Mutant Rights (open)  Empty Re: Mutant Rights (open)

Post by Guest on Sun Feb 02, 2014 5:14 pm

Winter chuckled, keeping her voice low so that it wouldn't carry down the dark alley way and alert the punk that he was about to be killed. Winter knew of a time when she wouldn't have helped. She would have just kept walking, one foot in front of the other, and eyes upon the ground. What was the point? After all? It didn't change all of time, didn't change a thing, actually. Just one person's life. One person. In all of time and space.

Why was it worth her time?

But, though it made little to absolutly no sense, she just had to help. She was there, and the cries and fact that she was in fact, needed. Drew her to help. Whether she liked it or not. Though, she doubted she was neccessary to save the little mutant. The man beside her probably had it covered. After all, one didn't live to that age (which, is downright young) with the habits of saving innocents, without a protection method of their own.

"I am an alien, from the edge of space and the end of time. You think I care about your name? How pompous you are to think that your legacy lasts that long." Winter teased, she knew full and well that the man obviously had no clue she was a vengeful alien nearly the age of ten thousand. Her only alien trait being pointy shark teeth that would have been impossible to see in the gloom. Flashing him a smile, she glanced over her shoulder, taking her eyes of the target for a split second, then glanced back to the shadows, pulling the string back and aiming for the humanoid shadow figures.

Next came a question quite common to Winter.

Now then, which one was the innocent?

And even more common then that, a question that had a dark smile slip itself onto her lips, showing pointed triangular teeth

Maim, or kill?

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Mutant Rights (open)  Empty Re: Mutant Rights (open)

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