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Post by Guest on Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:08 am

Lucille had left Hell once again, as she usually did, and had come out on Earth, being in constant need of another human’s soul to torture, another young man or woman to make her own. She loved this power and she had still not got bored of it, but who would? He met handsome men and beautiful women and turned them into her own sex toys. Afterwards, God help, she did whatever she wished with them, and satisfaction was taken to a whole new level. No mortal could feel with anyone the way he or she felt with her, so she did not necessarily consider herself to be one of the evil. She gave people pleasure, it was not her fault that those tiny white angels had no idea what this meant.

That night however was a rather special one for Lucille. One of the men she had met owned a Burlesque-type of club and he had invited her to be some kind of guest star that night. The cherry on top of the cake, as he had named her. And of course, she couldn't say no. Before her moment, she went straight to the bar. Alcohol was another thing she enjoyed, especially when it was mixed with sex. In which way, that was up to each individual’s imagination. Despite the fact that at first she had wanted something strong, she eventually decided for a cocktail, a White Russian; she had to stay sober, after all. Soon enough however, she was on the stage, dressed in a sexy suit, doing her moves. She was indeed surrounded by hot girls, but she was the star of the number, and that was rather obvious.


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Express || Dean Empty Re: Express || Dean

Post by Dean Winchester on Tue Jan 07, 2014 9:53 pm

Dean was well out of his comfort zone. Give him a simple strip-bar any day of the week. But no, he'd been dragged to a burlesque club with Dr Orlova, the sexy super-tattooed assistant head surgeon. They'd met a while back, bonded over Casa Erotica. Now she'd learned of this club and was dragging him out. Something about "for old times sake", whatever that meant. It felt rather strange to be going out to a glorified strip-club (because that was really all burlesque was in Dean's mind - sexy dancing but without actually stripping) with a doctor, of all people. He'd never done that before. First time for everything..!

That, however, was not the source of his discomfort. Not that Dean was complaining about the fact that he'd be spending the evening watching sexy women in corsets and garters strutting their stuff on stage and twisting their bodies in amazingly flexible ways while he sat and watched with a pint of beer. But he'd never been to one of these places before and so didn't know what went on and how he was supposed to behave. Would the dancers try to chat him up after they performed to try and book a lapdance? Did burlesque dancers even do lapdances? Aw hell, there'd better not be singing....

Svetlana had ditched him as soon as she'd gotten them a table at the front and bought him his first beer. Craning his neck to look at the bar, Dean spotted her, already chatting to some ravishing redhead. A slight smirk curled up the corner of his mouth as he shook his head and turned back to his drink. Everyone was waiting for the show to start and as his nerves settled, excitement slowly began to take over. Finally the lights dimmed and music started playing, making the entire crowd fall silent. Dean leaned back in his chair, sipping on his beer as he looked up at the stage. This should be fun...!
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Express || Dean Empty Re: Express || Dean

Post by Guest on Wed Jan 08, 2014 8:13 am

The moment had initially been planned to be more complex and sophisticated, because Lucille was supposed to sing and dance at the same time, while the other ladies only had to help her with the dance. However, despite all the dark qualities she possessed, her voice was not something she trusted so much; it was not a bad singing voice, but it was not extraordinary either, which is why she had discussed with her friend, the manager of the place, and had decided that she would only dance, just like the others. That was more than perfect for her, because now she could focus only on the attractive moves she was supposed to perform, which made it easier for her to interact with her public. The only thing she was supposed to say was the chorus, which was not exactly sung, but sexily whispered, just the way she liked it.

Immediately after stepping on the stage in that tiny outfit, she was caught in the atmosphere. The make-up, the jewelry, as well as her curves which were now revealed made her feel exactly the way she was: a demon, a seductress. And boy, how she loved this position! During her number, she gave the best she could, and seeing the looks on the men's faces, that made her notice that the effect she had had on them was the one she had hoped for. And she hadn't even thought that it would not turn out the way she wanted it to. Finishing her moment, she only smirked in the corners of her crimson lips, before slowly turning her back and walking backstage, giving the men the time to admire her whole body, to imagine their own hands instead of the handprints on her outfit.

Afterwards, she could have walked away from the bar, but who was she to miss on some fun? She only decided to follow the other ladies and change her clothes, before coming to have a drink and maybe meet a new person to feel good with. The night was long, after all, and it was not supposed to be spent alone.

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