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Dirty Politics // The Master Empty Dirty Politics // The Master

Post by Sherlock Holmes on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:09 pm

Looking over the evidence carefully, Sherlock was doing his best to see where in the world this gun could have come from. He had carefully placed the powder over the gun, long with files he had found somewhere outside of London's city center. Lifting the prints up carefully, he copied a few prints into the database, hoping he would find a match. He paced around for a few moments with a sigh, logging into his Science of Deduction Website.

Late last night I came across some files that talk of murdering government officials around London along with a gun with three bullets left. Currently finding the prints. He wrote and sent onto the site. He then went to search the database for prints. As he scrolled through for possible matches, he noticed that most of them were criminals who would have no reason to be involved in such a thing... until he came to a curious match.

Harold Saxon. Sherlock's eyebrow raised as he looked back at the files he had found and it was beginning to make sense... with the senator's sudden death and Harold taking office... his lips curled into a smile. I am brilliant. he thought to himself before updating his site once more. Harold Saxon is a possible match. Could he be plotting to take over the government? I believe all the answers are pointing to him.
Sherlock Holmes
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Dirty Politics // The Master Empty Re: Dirty Politics // The Master

Post by The Master on Thu Jan 09, 2014 11:10 am

The Master or Harold Saxon as he was so called was walking down the streets of London. A few days earlier he had caused a murder to happen, he was the one with the gun in hand. Did he regret it? No. He loved to kill and had gotten away with it quite a few times, how would this time be different? It wouldn't. It never changed. They would look for a few weeks or so and then claim that it is unknown. The Master had caused quite a few of the cases that had been claimed as unknown but he always went by different names so he wouldn't get caught. This kill was a bit different; however, The Master was not planning on losing this one either. Before he left the place that was now a crime scene, he covered up a lot of the mess he made by taking things like finger prints from the body and so on. The Master knew that it would be hard but he manged to accomplish it. He was quite proud of his work which lead him to believe that he would not get caught.

The only problem he had was this man called Sherlock Homes, a detective that worked to crack cases. Sherlock was not usually on The Master's cases so that made him worry. How good is he? The Master started to ask himself. He just tried to shake the feeling and keep walking, it worked for a while. For now, he just had to work on his job and he would be fine. The Master pushed the door open to the main office were the president worked, he was out right now so The Master would have to work fast. He quickly sat down by the computer and started to type. The Master hacked into the files that he knew Sherlock would use to find out more about his character and the crime scene that he had caused. His eyes scanned the screen. There was quite a lot of work done on the scene already. The Master started to delete stuff by typing in codes, it was a simple project as long as the other person didn't mess with him and his codes. He kept working.

The Master started to get some of the files gone but he knew that if Sherlock seen this he could track it and it would lead him right to The Master then he would be taken in. That made him stop. He had taken about half of the files out, that may seem little but that would throw them back a few days. Standing to his feet, The Master ran out of the room. After he was quite a distance from the room, he slowed to a walk. He pasted some people and said nothing, he just headed back to his office without a second word. Hopefully, Sherlock wouldn't come there and start looking around, then it would get hard....
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