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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Empty Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

Post by Greg Lestrade on Thu Jan 02, 2014 6:18 pm

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade MYS-falling-darkness_t614

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade BasicInfo_zpsb216388c
Full Name: Gregory William Lestrade
Species: Human
Age: 20th June 1963
Occupation: Scotland Yard Detective Inspector
Home Town: Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, England

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Personality_zpsc181d6ed
Sexual Preference: Heterosexual
Marital Status: Divorced
Greg is strong willed, he does not give up easily and will stand by what he believes in to the end. Greg is also loyal to his friends, he is willing to risk a lot of things to help them, but at the same time, Greg will not take it well if anyone betrays his trust. There are a lot of things Greg can tolerate but he cannot stand those who betray his trust, he would be quick to lash out at them, and these are also some of the few times he may act unreasonable. Greg is also friendly to those he meets, he is polite and reasonable, making enemies is not his job.

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Appearance_zps4a095d61
Ethnicity: British
Hair Colour: Black, Graying
Eye Colour: Brown
Distinguishing Features: 
Face Claim: Rupert Graves

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Skillsandpowers_zps847298ff
Skills and Talents:

  • Marksman
  • Interrogation

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade History_zps2ddf5b86

  • Parents: Arthur Bernard Lestrade, Annabel Jane Lestrade Nee Roberts
  • Siblings: Holly Jane Lestrade
  • Other Important Figures: Sara Monroe (ex-wife) Annabel Lestrade/Monroe (Daughter)


Gregory William Lestrade was born on the 20th of June 1963 to Arthur Bernard Lestrade and Annabel Jane Lestrade Nee Roberts. Arthur Lestrade was a French soldier from the Second World War whom was evacuated from France during the Dunkirk evacuation. Arthur then met Annabel Roberts during his stay in England and in the end, he was in a relationship. After the war, Arthur stayed in England and married Annabel.  Greg's childhood was not very pleasant, the other children enjoyed making fun of his French heritage, his father was also a alcoholic due to the Second World War, while his father was not abusive, he was negligent. Greg's mother died while giving birth to Holly Jane Lestrade. Greg's father Arthur tended to ignore Holly even more than he ignored Greg due to his belief that his wife was killed due to Holly. Greg then took up the role as a parental figure to his sister.

Gregory had run in's with the law in his early years, until he finally straightened his act out and joined the military. Greg served in the military until he heard that his father was killed during a break in to their house. Gregory left the military soon after that, he swore revenge against the perpetrator of the crime, but he did not have access to police files. This was why he first joined the New Scotland Yard, he want information regarding the case. In the end the case was not solved, but it always stayed in Greg's mind.  Gregory was well liked by his co-workers, he was friendly and helpful, but at the same time efficient at his job. Greg's promotion to Detective Inspector came quickly but not as much of a surprise to most of his co-workers. Many of them were glad to see him get the promotion.

Gregory first met Sherlock Holmes during a murder investigation, he saw Sherlock looking around the crime scene and sneaking around. Greg thought that Sherlock was involved in the case and had him brought in for interrogation. It was during the interrogation, Sherlock deduced Lestrade's motivations and offered to help him solve his father's murder if he agrees to allow Sherlock to consult on future cases. Lestrade gave Sherlock's offer some consideration and agreed to show him the case files, at first he was simply playing along with a person whom he thought to be insane or a stalker, but in the end Lestrade was totally convinced in Sherlock. Sherlock's help was what was needed for Gregory to solve his father's murder, this then made Lestrade a staunch supporter of Sherlock Holmes, something most of the department found distasteful.

Lestrade was married to Sara Monroe and they have one child together. Annabel Monroe/Lestrade, born on March 8th 1996, Lestrade cares about his daughter and family, but his work tends to make him stay overtime, causing him to neglect his family at times. Lestrade obtained a divorce with his wife Sara after Sherlock revealed that Sara was having a affair. Lestrade and Sara retain joint custody over their daughter, but Lestrade admits that his ex-wife would be the better parent, thus he simply visits his daughter every week.

After Sherlock's death, Lestrade was briefly the laughing stock of the department and was under investigation, but soon after that he was cleared of any wrong doings and his faith in Sherlock was shown to be correct.
Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade OOCInformation_zpsfac7eb1e
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Other Characters: Way too many
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Greg Lestrade
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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Empty Re: Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

Post by John Watson on Thu Jan 02, 2014 8:34 pm

Hello Greg. We should get a drink or some coffee sometime. Just send me a text or phone me. Which ever works. No I will not be bringing Sherlock along.


You are accepted of course! Enjoy and do not forget to post in the "Add me to the Face Claims" As well as an updated list to the "Who's Who" thread. Very Happy
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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Empty Re: Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

Post by Svetlana Orlova on Thu Jan 02, 2014 9:10 pm

Ooh, hello Detective Inspector *sultry smile* I wonder why Sherlock's never thought to introduce us before. I've heard a lot about your division...

Because this is me and I just couldn't resist butting in and greeting one of my favourite characters xD Speaking of which, we should totally plot some time

Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Svetla10
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Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade Empty Re: Detective Inspector Gregory Lestrade

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