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A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy

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A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Empty A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy

Post by Dean Winchester on Sun Oct 20, 2013 7:13 pm

Snowflakes danced down from the horizon, being blown this way and that by a gentle Winter breeze. The streets were empty, everyone opting to hide either at work or at home; anywhere but the chilly streets. Down one particularly quiet street, a black Impala was parked, snowflakes clinging to the shiny black finish of the car. Inside the Impala sat two brothers, each in a world of his own. The youngest had his nose in a battered journal, while the other stared out the window at a cobalt blue door, adorned with a fir wreath. Seemed the English started their celebration of festivities early, given that it was only mid-November. Not that he was one to talk; no one did Christmas decorations as big and as early as the Americans. This house, if all the information they had gathered could be relied upon, belonged to two companions of The Doctor, a man who the Winchester brothers had been tasked with finding.

For months the pair had searched and searched for this elusive Doctor, a man who could apparently travel through all of space and time. Not only that, but apparently he saved Earth from various alien threats whenever an intergalactic visitor decided to stop by for a killing spree. Dean hadn't believed Fury's story at first. Someone who could travel through space and time? Dean believed in a lot of things, but so far time-travel was not one of them. But the further he and Sam searched, the more evidence they found that showed that Nick Fury wasn't just believing in nonsense. Even their father had heard rumours about this Doctor. In his journal there were scribbles about the traveller, about the blue police box he travelled in, and about his companions. His fellow travellers were a young couple - a ravishing redhead and a guy with a big schnozz. The Legs and The Nose, as one Secret Service official had remembered them being introduced when the trio had arrived in President Nixon's office one evening.
A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Egg_0210
Pond. That was the name of the two. Amy and Rory Pond. At first Dean had thought that the two were siblings, though they looked as different from each other as a bear did from a hedgehog. But upon some digging, Sam had found their marriage certificate. Having found a photo of the couple, Dean had wondered what the pair had seen in each other. She was model-hot and he...well, he wasn't completely unfortunate-looking, but he looked like a bit of an acquired taste. Maybe he had a good heart, or whatever it was that attracted females into long-term relationships. Dean drummed his fingers on the steering wheel for a moment longer, his head filled with aliens, time-travelling and sexy companions, before unclipping his seatbelt and opening the car door. "C'mon." As the icy breeze hit him in the face, sending snowflakes down the back of his collar, Dean marched up to the blue door and knocked. "This had better be the right house," he muttered. "The melting snowflakes are going into places you don't even want to know about..."
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A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Empty Re: A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy

Post by Amy Pond on Wed Nov 27, 2013 11:54 pm

A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Parawhore
A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Starz
Legs tucked under her and a warm cup of cocoa in her hands, Amy sat in her favourite armchair, staring out of the window at the snowflakes that drifted down. The house was silent, eerily so, but that was nothing new. Ever since Rory had stormed out that night all those months ago, she was all alone in a house that was much too big for just one person. Not even stray cats stopped by to keep her company.

The redhead sighed, taking a sip of her cocoa. What an awful season to be all alone in. A time that was supposed to be filled with happiness and joy, a time that revolved around being together with friends and family, she was to spend alone. It would be her very first Christmas like this; never had she had to endure one alone before. She was used to spending the season with her aunt, and later Rory once the pair had married. And now she didn't even have a friend to share it with. To say that it was a depressing prospect would be making light of the situation.

The whole situation was more upsetting than she thought it would have been. Not that Amy showed it. She was too proud and stubborn for that. Too Scottish. She acted like it didn't affect her, like she was handling the break-up and consequent divorce just fine, burying herself in work and hitting the clubs to forget all about it. She refused to let anyone know just much she was actually hurting. But more than just being upset and hurt, Amy was angry. At Rory, for the way he'd left things. At the Doctor, for leaving them behind like he'd done. But most of all, she was angry at Madame Kovarian for all that she'd done to Amy at Demon's Run. She was the cause for the anguish, the pain and the hurt, both Amy's and Rory's. Once upon a time she'd been conflicted about having killed her, but now she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

A loud knock came at the door, rousing Amy from her thoughts. She gave a frustrated sigh and stood up. How she hated door-knockers.  But out of her and Rory, Amy preferred to be the one to deal with them because it ensured they would never come back. Rory had always been too kind on them. The religious types were always the worst, trying to save her soul. She didn't need saving. She didn't want to save the rainforests or sick people or cats. She didn't want to buy a vacuum-cleaner, donate blood or help fund first-aid courses. She just wanted to be left in peace. Was that really too much to ask for? Though if she was honest, biting the heads off unwelcome hopefuls was more fun than it should have been. Just a bit.

"If that's another pedlar, I have a water pistol!" she called out, picking up the loaded pistol from the side-table. She'd learnt that that was the most effective method of getting rid of the pests in Winter. "And you really don’t want to be all wet on a day like this...!" Yanking the door inwards, she raised the gun, only to stop in her tracks at the strangers on her doorstep. They didn't look like regular pedlars of any kind. No bibles, or fancy uniforms with charity logos emblazoned on the chest. Not even a box of cookies. So who were these two?

A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Starz
A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Parawhore2

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A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Empty Re: A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy

Post by Sam Winchester on Sun Mar 23, 2014 7:18 pm

Sam had been doing so much research when it came to recruiting members into the EMH team that it seemed like he was barely sleeping. Although when did he have time for sleeping? Even before all this, him and his brother were constantly on the run, looking for demons and dealing with supernatural beings of every kind. Coming to this part of the world was an entirely new experience for him, yet he had a feeling there was far more waiting. This part of the world was much older and probably hid much more sinister things in it. Trying to shake off those thoughts, he recollected himself to the task at hand.

Getting out of the Impala, he followed his older brother to the doorstep. They were heading in to recruit a young woman by the name of Amy Pond... a name that didn't exactly sit well with Sam because of someone else he knew by the name. He still hadn't forgiven Dean for what had happened to her, but tried to shake off those thoughts. Biting his lip, he stood several feed from the stoop of the doorway, letting Dean do all the talking. It wasn't exactly his forte to recruit people, and seeing as Dean was the one who actually knew what was going on in this situation, he better be the one to speak. Especially since Sam found himself in a stutter when talking to pretty girls.

At Dean's remark about melting snowflakes though, Sam turned to look at him with an awkward expression washed over his face. "What the hell are you talking about?" he finally said before the door had then opened to reveal a young redhead who looked utterly confused. Yep, this was her. This was the girl in the pictures, who was obviously a model of some sorts, but apparently had some type of combat experience... or something of the sorts. She was a companion to the Doctor, someone else who they were attempting to recruit.

Why were they the ones stuck with the recruiting? They could be so much more useful out there trying to hunt demons or stop some apocalypse that was yet to come. It was in their blood, wasn't it? Well it's definitely in my blood, anyways... he thought to himself. No! Stop! Bad thoughts. Bad thoughts indeed. The thought of that got him in a cold sweat. Not a good time to be thinking about that when he was trying to recruit someone...
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A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy Empty Re: A Winter Meeting // Winchesters and Amy

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