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I'm loving angels instead || Dean & Sam Winchester

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I'm loving angels instead || Dean & Sam Winchester Empty I'm loving angels instead || Dean & Sam Winchester

Post by Guest on Sat Oct 19, 2013 10:49 pm

From the years she had spent in Heaven, but also the rare moments she had walked the Earth, Idrys had learned something very important, that put an end to most people’s conception of the supernatural: it existed in more ways they could ever think of, and stereotypes they had created since the most ancient of times were often untrue. Not all demons were evil forces and not all angels were as pure and innocent as the humans thought. Spirits did exist, so did vampires, but most often, they were neither maleficent or tortured souls. However unexpected it may sound, all these legends and myths had appeared somewhere in the acient times, and despite the fact that mentality had evolved in such a way until modern-day, many people were still inclined to believe their ancestors’ tales. She was an angel of God; she was what they thought she was, the way they believed she was like. Pure, innocent and kind, with a big heart and ready to lend a helping hand to whoever needed it. She had helped good people, but she had also climbed down to the humans’ land in order to advise and share her unlimited love with evildoers, even murderers.

She had also learned that many of the urban legends that flowed between people were not entirely true, but surely inspired from real facts. Kuchisake-onna, for example, or the slith-mouthed woman, who did not only walk the territory of Japan, but the whole world. She was a rather bad spirit, but not incorrigible. For Idrys, everyone could change and everyone had the right to give it a try. She had just found out that two brothers, the Winchesters, they were called, were now on the woman’s steps, wishing to kill her in order to set the entire world free of her malice. Her kind soul however did not let her to stay away and see the poor spirit vanishing as if it had never existed.

The cold wind was gently caressing her pale face, flying her long blonde hair and her delicate white dress. She could not hear a thing, but she knew that the brothers were there, probably surprised by her presence, someone else than Kuchisake. Her hazel eyes started to slowly look around, to the dark trunks of the trees, the dying leaves on the ground and the naked branches, that were smoothly enlighted only by the weak glow of the pale Moon.


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