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Look, I'm A Snow Angel // Rory Empty Look, I'm A Snow Angel // Rory

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 26, 2013 11:57 pm

Idris was excited. She'd never felt snow before. Well, technically she had plenty of times as a TARDIS, but that hardly counted since she couldn't actually register the sensation as snowflakes coated her blue exterior in white. But now she was human, and she had a long list of firsts that she had to cross off her list. Not that she'd stopped to actually write a list; she couldn't sit still long enough.

Pulling the TARDIS door open, she called out a goodbye to the Doctor who was hidden somewhere under the console and ran out, pulling it after her so it shut with a soft slam. With a giant grin lighting up her face, she ran out into the evening, arms outstretched liked a baby bird on its first flight. Getting to the middle of the park, she cupped her hands together and watched as snowflakes drifted down into them, melting the instant they touched her warm skin. They're so cold! So cold and wet, Idris mused as she continued to watch the drifting snowflakes in front of her, mesmerised. After a couple of minutes, when her hands were wet and beginning to feel rather cold, the brunette stuck her tongue out, collecting snowflakes with is as she spun about. She liked this snow business. It was refreshing and fun. We need a snow room in the TARDIS...

Around and around she went until finally she fell back onto the snowy grass, dizzy. A delighted giggle left her lips, ringing across the empty park. Ooh, that's new! Head still spinning, she sat up, entranced with the echo. "Paddington!" she called out, grinning from ear to ear as the echo sounded. A second later, she took a deep breath and began making the TARDIS dematerialisation noise. Then again, and again. The park filled with the noise, sounding as if thirty TARDIS's were all trying to land there. A squeal and giggle of pure joy fell from her lips and Idris fell back onto the snow again, looking up at the darkening sky. This is absolutely wonderful...!

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