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Post by Guest on Thu Dec 26, 2013 1:22 am

Idris (as she'd now decided to call herself in honour of the original Idris who had given her life for her) was staring intently at her reflection in the infirmary mirror. This new body fascinated her. So strong, yet so delicate at the same time. She pinched her cheeks, wriggling them around, watching her reflection make odd faces. After several seconds of this, she let go of the skin and watched it bounce back. "So soft and springy..."

Her fingers reached to her earlobes, repeating the experiment. The result was more or less the same. She lifted her skirt up to once again repeat this skin experiment, but on her legs this time (after all, she had to find out whether all her skin acted the same; you never knew with new bodies) only to find that they were covered in some sort of fabric. As if it were trying to protect the skin underneath. She pulled at it, frowning with curiosity. It had the same result as when she pulled her skin. A second skin, Idris decided. A second skin to protect the first one. Huh, everything needs protection of some sort...

Getting distracted with her reflection again, she began pulling faces, watching her cheek muscles work. Fascinating! Eventually her brown eyes flew to the door of this infirmary and she carefully hopped off the bed she was sitting on. Her Thief had told her to stay inside, but now was one of those times that she wouldn't listen. She had a new body; she wanted to explore! Not just wanted, needed to explore, to test out this new body of hers. She wasn't about to stay inside and wait for him to return.

She started out of the room in a walk, before attempting a skip. Having mastered this art after a couple of metres, she was soon jogging towards the console room, a happy grin on her lips. By the time she got there she felt rather breathless. Her chest heaved up and down as her new lungs tried to get as much air into them as possible. The brunette got distracted watching this breathing pattern, up and down, up and down. It was mesmerising. Her heart was beating so very hard within her chest and Idris placed a slender hand to where it was now, feeling it beating like a frantic bird. So this must be how the Doctor's two hearts feel after he's been running...

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Notes: The Doctor left to go exploring while leaving her in the TARDIS. So there's a blue box right in the middle of London somewhere for someone to find.
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