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Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella

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Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella Empty Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella

Post by Svetlana Orlova on Wed Dec 25, 2013 11:24 pm

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How glorious it was to have a night off again! But not just a night off, because those happened quite often and although they made for good sleep-catch-up, they still rather sucked because her evening was still controlled by a tiny gadget attached to her hip with an annoyingly shrill beep. But tonight was different. Tonight Sveta didn't have to be on-call. The pager, ruler and dictator of every personnel in the medical field, got to be stashed away; hidden and forgotten, if only for a night. The night belonged entirely to her and Sveta could do whatever she wanted with whoever, without having to worry that she might have to drop everything at a moment's notice just because someone's appendix was about to burst. It was absolutely wonderful.

Lionheart had been her first stop of the night. Svetlana could totally understand why the place was Tony Stark's pride and joy; the place was absolutely beautiful. The entire restaurant floor had floor-to-ceiling windows, allowing patrons a 360 degree view of London while they dined. Sveta had spent a good portion of her time there just looking out at the gorgeous London nightscape, sipping on cocktail after cocktail of delicious cocktail and flirting with the handsome bartender inbetween him serving the other patrons. Sveta would certainly have to ask Tony to transfer him over to the SHIELD Bar; not only was he a nice piece of eye-candy, his cocktails were to die for.

But sitting at a glamorous bar sipping cocktails all night was not how Sveta wanted to spend her night. She wanted fun and excitement! She wanted to meet new people, wanted to drink and dance until the wee hours of the morning. And Lionheart was not a place where that would happen. Not unless she convinced Hank to leave right now with her, but that was hardly going to happen. Which was exactly why after finishing her cocktail, the brunette had gone to find herself a random club to spend the night at.

Leaning with her elbows against the bar and a smile playing on her lips, Sveta watched the night life in the club. Groups of girls sat giggled away to themselves at tables, guys flirted with girls, girls flirted with girls, couples danced away like the DJ was playing his last song... Wait, are they doing body-shots?! Excellent. Definitely Sveta's type of place. She grinned to herself, taking another sip of her cocktail. This is gonna be an awesome night...!

NOTES Yeah, recylced an old starter. So sue me xD
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Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella Svetla10
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Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella Empty Re: Let's Make The Most Of Tonight, Like We're Gonna Die Young // Zoella

Post by Guest on Thu Dec 26, 2013 12:03 am

Zoella had absolutely nothing to do. She'd been lurking around the house all day, not really knowing what do do. Eventually she'd fallen asleep and it had been dark by the time she woke up, so she figured she'd go clubbing. After all, she needed some fun and since it was night she figured that was exactly what she was going to get. She hadn't really known what club to go for, so she'd picked one at random and entered it, her hair swinging slightly round her shoulders as she let the door shut quietly behind her.

It was absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was exactly how Zoella liked it; fun, dancing, music, flirting, a busy bar...yes, she was definitely staying here for tonight. She walked up to the bar casually, swishing her hips as she went. She may act innocent some of the time, but Zoella knew exactly what she was doing; how to flirt, how to make people want to know her...she loved having an effect on some people's lives, or indeed other things. No matter, though. She smiled at the barman and she could practically feel his gaze looking her up and down. "What can I get ya, love?" he asked at last, grinning at her.  She leaned forward so he could hear her over the music. "I'll have a martini with ice, please." she said, and he nodded, moving off to get it. She grinned and looked around her.

Her eyes fell on a pretty woman at the bar and her eyebrow arched slightly. Very attractive, and seemingly alone, she thought to herself, but she moved her gaze back to the barman as he handed her the drink. "Here y'are, love." he said, smiling and moving off to the next customer. She smiled and sipped a bit of martini, before looking around again. She was definitely going to be having fun tonight. Zoella was positive of that.

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