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Let's get down to Business (Maria Hill and Phil Coulson)

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Let's get down to Business (Maria Hill and Phil Coulson) Empty Let's get down to Business (Maria Hill and Phil Coulson)

Post by Loki on Tue Dec 17, 2013 1:13 pm

Let's get down to Business (Maria Hill and Phil Coulson) 621871-loki_loki_thor_2011_21916698_333_591This truely was Loki's idea of fun. It had taken a while to perfect but now it was ready and the fun would begin. What else should they expect when Asgard tried to chain the mischief, chaos and lies? And they still didn't have a clue about his outings. Many of them in preparation for this trick.

He had sent a distress signal to SHIELD, disguised as the great Thunderer himself. How much it pleased Loki to pretend to be his brother falling in battle. Adding a few explosions and various images of the creatures he had dragged from the nine realms and he had a fairly nice call which should bring him plenty of mortals to play around with. The 'distress signal' had cut off less than half a minute after it had started. Just enough time and information for the mortals to track it back to the location. That was all Loki needed.  

Apparently the mortals suffered from a lack of bilgesnipes and Loki wasn't going to let this last for long. Just how could he keep all the fun from them? He smirked as he watched the horned creature smash through another wall, trampling down all that was in it's way. Looking back on it, he wondered whether bringing such a creature was a good idea. He needed to make sure it was contained, after all. And he didn't want the mortals dead. Not yet, at any rate.

With a small sigh, Loki summoned his magic, forming a green knife which he unleashed on the creature, causing a wound that slowed it down, weakening it but making the creature a lot angrier.
Perfect Loki thought as he examined his work like one might a piece of art. Yes. It was ready. Hiding himself in an illusion, the God of Mischief settled back to watch the show.

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