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Until It Sleeps [if] SPN Next Generation [LB] Empty Until It Sleeps [if] SPN Next Generation [LB]

Post by Sammi Winchester on Tue Dec 03, 2013 2:48 pm

Until It Sleeps [if] SPN Next Generation [LB] Cz5u

The year is 2038, it’s been 6 years since Heaven and Hell’s second attempt at a show down. God’s son defeated hell and the antichrist by taking his own life which allowed the Winchesters and their counterparts nearly a decade of peace. The Hunters are back to doing their day jobs but blissfully with no more interference from the heavens, once again man on monster. No one has so much as heard, or seen from the angels since their plans were foiled, and demon activity has been at an all-time low. What no one has known is the silence has been a mask hiding the plans to break open the cage, freeing both Lucifer and Michael to find new vessels in the Winchester bloodline. Now a surge in demon activity has caught the attention of the hunting world and they wont stop fighting Until It Sleeps.
Sammi Winchester

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