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Post by Robin [FE:Uprising] on Mon Dec 02, 2013 2:08 pm

Fire Emblem: Uprising Jpj4so

There is a world far from here where the tale of legends live on. A world that faced wars beyond imagine, battles of epic proportions and heroes that will become the very being of legend.  From the Sacred Stones' War of Magvel and the Twin Heroes facing the Demon King and his army of undead hordes, to ancient Altea and the Hero-King against the dreaded Shadow Dragon. Tellius, with her Radiant Hero against the goddess herself.  Alm the First and his great battle with the Dark God Duma and uniting a kingdom. The redemption of Sigurd thanks to his son Seliph in the fateful Battle of Belhalla against the traitorous Sage Arvis. The tale of a Nomadic Princess, a kindhearted Prince of Pherae and a brash but kind Ostian Prince against a Dark Druid who wished the Scouring to happen once again. The Son of a hero, who will wield the Sword of Seals and defeat the Dark Emperor Zephiel and bring a long awaited peace to a broken land. Finally, the tale of an Exalted Prince, with the help of children from another time, and a tactician with no memory of who they are will rise up and defeat the Fell Dragon and save a future from despair and sorrow.

These tales and legends are passed down from generation to generation. The stories of heroes and ancient weapons defeating foes that could destroy entire worlds. However, the stories do not end there. Where a Hero leads a fight, there are warriors who will follow.  While some are mentioned in the tales of legends, their stories are yet to be told. Stories as legendary as the great heroes and as epic as the battles. Stories of friendships, love, sorrow and everything in between. Stories and tales waiting for the moment to be told. Waiting to rise up and reveal themselves to the world. Ready to be lived again. For the Uprising of tales is soon to come.

Robin [FE:Uprising]

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