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"Earth's Mightiest Heroes" is shutting its doors here and moving to a different host. The new site can be found HERE. The admins want to thank everyone who made EMH amazing and gave us wonderful memories and fantastic rp adventures. We hope to see you on the new site! Members can still log in and get their stuff if they need.

To our wonderful affiliates: we will be re-adding you on the new site. Please bear with us :)
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Tamriel Reborn :: An Elder Scrolls roleplay.

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Tamriel Reborn :: An Elder Scrolls roleplay. Empty Tamriel Reborn :: An Elder Scrolls roleplay.

Post by Stone-TR on Mon Dec 02, 2013 12:28 am

Tamriel Reborn :: An Elder Scrolls roleplay. M12p


Tamriel Reborn has:

  • Freedom to roleplay in all of Tamriel.
  • An expansive set of quest lines spanning three games and three eras.
  • Original quest lines in the AU Fifth Era.
  • The ability to undertake any side-quest from Oblivion or Skyrim.
  • A non-elitist and friendly writing community.
  • A character-driven development-focal site with an appreciation for combat.
  • No word count for posts.
  • Simple and lenient application.
  • A relaxed yet attentive staff team.
  • A freedom to even the most outlandish and wacky of character concepts.
  • And much more which serves to create a completely unique experience unlike any other roleplay site on the internet.

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