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Mirror, Mirror | An animation personification rp | IF Empty Mirror, Mirror | An animation personification rp | IF

Post by ANNIE BANANEY?! on Sun Dec 01, 2013 10:50 am

Mirror, mirror on the wall: true hope lies beyond the coast

A wizard casts a spell to save them all- to save them from a fate caused by a Greater Evil. He only wanted to keep them and their vivid sights safe. He sent them to Los Angeles, California... where most have no memory of their past self...

Can't you see that tomorrow bears insanity?

The Greater Evil will stop at nothing to make sure that our favorite characters stay in Los Angeles- no magic, their happiness, their inner hues trapped inside them unless they can find a way to release them to their homes.

A hidden gate to save us from the shadow fall

The key to unlocking their way home is spread through out the city. Those who remember must help the others unlock their hidden memories, and find their way home before the Greater Evil catches up with them and takes their inner glow away once and for all.

All will be shown on New Year's Eve


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