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Angels and Demons // Open  Empty Angels and Demons // Open

Post by Guest on Thu Nov 28, 2013 1:10 pm

Micheal sat hunched over the desk directly in front of him, his head in his hands. In front of him was a paper and pen. The paper had lots of scratching out of words and sentences, above most were some rewrites that too were scratched out.

The Senator sat there shaking his head. All the words he wanted to say, or to write down kept on getting stuck in his head. The man sighed as he looked to the paper again. A moment or two later after reading over what was on the paper, he grabbed it and tossed it to the bin after crumbling it up.

Picking his pen up he started to write again, this time a smile grew onto his face as it seemed his words were going from his mind to the paper before him. It was a speech he wanted to give to Americans and any other listeners that would happen to go to London to hear his speech. That is if any were to show up.

My fellow Americans and Friends. I come before you not as another politician. I come to you as a friend. A friend who has seen the damages that our current leader has done not just damage to my own country.. He has damaged our relations with our friends. Our allies that have come to our aid as well as to those of others when they were asked.

Well it was what he wanted to say.. but not exactly it. Micheal set his pen down and looked to his watch. It was about time that he got something to eat. It was no good to write a speech on an empty stomach. Micheal got up and walked into his kitchen to get something to eat. Along the way he was reciting what he wanted to say, "My fellow Americans. My friends... I come before you not as any politician.." He said as he poured himself a glass of Coca Cola.

That was when he heard something falling over. Like a chair or something that was heavy. The Senator put the Coke bottle back into the fridge and quickly walked out to see someone sitting in his chair, "What are you doing? How did you get into my house?" Micheal wondered if he should press the silent alarm or not.

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Angels and Demons // Open  Empty Re: Angels and Demons // Open

Post by Guest on Wed Feb 26, 2014 5:34 am

Bored...bored...bored!! Caterina didn't have anything to do and she was getting annoyed by it. Usually she went to a bar or played with people, but not at the moment. She sighed and walked out of the hotel she was staying at to see if she could find something to do...anything. It didn't take long until she realized she did it again, walked WAY too fast. She skidded to a slippery stop and looked around to see where in the world she was. Was she in America still? It looked like it but she never knew anymore.

She sighed and turned around just in time to see a nice place. It didn't click in her mind who lived in a house like that though, she was still getting used to American customs. What can a 150 year old woman do near a place like this? She had several ideas: Walk off, just look at it or just walk in. The third sounded more like what she would do. She always did like to see the reaction toward people. She wasn't stupid though, she knew there were cameras and probably even guns to kill her with...that was why she wanted to do it.

She shook her head at her own personality before walking up to the gate. At first it just looked like she was going to stare, but then she jumped over it, completely forgetting how strong her legs were. She ended up on her butt after that and had to stand up and brush off before one of the cameras caught her in action. She looked around with a smile once she saw a few guards. What were they doing? Looked like they were playing a game. Wow...he needed better bodyguards, maybe she could be one for him. Cat always did like having an excuse to beat up people. She chuckled before running fast towards the door and finding an opened window....Who leaves a window opened in a place like this? The dude must really like death...

Soon she was sitting in a very comfortable chair and leaning over to close the window. "This guy really needs to learn to close windows." She shook her head and slightly tilted the chair causing it to make a sound..crap. She looked over to hear someone coming in and straightened the chair up, screw the freakin' window.

She was calm and nonchalant about the situation. She just smiled at him, not caring about who he was. She knew it was good to just answer the questions. "I easily got into your house." She rolled her eyes and pointed to the window. "Do you realize what would have happened if I was a murderer? You, sir, would be dead." She nodded her head before answering the question. "I am just sitting in the chair. Got bored and ended up walking too fast. Then I saw this house and had to see what it looked like in the inside." She smirked before chuckling. "Should I have knocked. No worries, I will not harm you...just really REALLY bored right now."

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