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Post by Hogwartsmoon30 on Wed Nov 27, 2013 9:24 am

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In the darkest of times our world can come together and survive the harshest of realities. In the past we have overcome the hatred, the horror, and the fear that can come from the actions of someone with far grander ideals than anyone would think possible. Though we have struggled and at times faltered in our step toward the the 'Greater Good' as a great Wizard once said, we as a nation, and as an equal race have always triumphed. In recent months there have been whispers of a darker tone. Our sources have told us that there are a group of witches and wizards plotting to ressurect the old ways ... the dark ways ...

Now that our world had found peace, will we let it fall back into the dark times that we fought so hard to break away from. Shall we let our heroes have died in vain?

We have suffered so much in the previous wars, what will you do to prevent a fourth wizarding war?

Hogwarts Moon is a no app, no word count site. Come experience the Magic!

Hogwarts Moon

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