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I Need a Vacation From my Vacation [Open]

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I Need a Vacation From my Vacation [Open] Empty I Need a Vacation From my Vacation [Open]

Post by Guest on Wed Nov 20, 2013 2:20 pm

Mae wasn't sure why she thought taking a cruise ship was going to work out better than flying to England. Well, at least a cruise ship couldn't drop out of the sky and kill a bunch of people if she got a bit uncomfortable. It could still get lost though.

And just like that, her seven day cruise became fifteen. How wonderful, not only did she burst light bulbs, but her personal electrical current was strong enough to throw an entire ship off course. The captain and his crew had to steer by starlight and the rising of the sun. There was a point everyday when the ship just stalled. Food got rationed. People were pissed and no one was directing it strictly at her, but Mae still felt guilty.

They finally made it to England and the ship was pulled up for "repairs." No word on how long that was going to take. The only silver lining here was that they were all getting refunded for the trip, hotel included. Which was wonderful, because the week long stay in London that was expected to fix the ship would be expensive.

Things only got better when she got on the train to London. She was a little worried about this, but the whole thing literally came to a stand still...for four hours. People went from frustrated to absolutely furious. By the time she got to her hotel, it was dark.

She took a breath and slipped the card through the door. It beeped, flashed red, and did nothing. She let out an exasperated sigh and banged her head on the door. A quick check proved that yes, this was the right room. She tried one more time and threw her hands up.

Nope. Done with this shit. The light bulb above her flickered and she hurried out of the hallway. A couple minutes and she was out of the hotel and out on the street. Some fresh air could do her good.

Shoving her hands in her pocket, she walked down the street. She had no idea where she was going, but it would be fun trying to find her way back later. Might tire her out at least. She couldn't wreck anything if she was asleep...at least, not as much.

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I Need a Vacation From my Vacation [Open] Empty Re: I Need a Vacation From my Vacation [Open]

Post by Cade Foster on Fri Dec 06, 2013 8:00 am

Cade was roaming the London streets again. Not that the day had been that boring. Well, paperwork never was fun, his boss obviously thought someone like him should be watched carefully and not let to anybody's safes and locks even close.
That truly, utterly sucked.

He quickly finished his reports-whatever and spurted outside.
Bummer, it was dark already. So much for an office behind coat rack (his newest position thanks to some visiting high-boss inspector who needed a place for overseeing something or other). It hadn't been sunny nor airy all day in there so getting outside into fresh, really fresh air (if you compared to that broom-closet/coat-rack hybrid corner with a desk and tiny, creeky chair with evil nails and mischievous screws to London air in the dark hours).

Yes, Cade's back was writing up some angry complaint letter and ready to start shipping C4. No, he didn't have a great day at all.
So now Cade was standing on the street he'd somehow came to (after blanking out in his haste of speedy exit of the office) and took a while stretching out his back muscles and whatnot. And, before his head fell off, all the possible neck muscles too.

[ooc: thought I might join in Smile]
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