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Post by CF Admin on Mon Nov 18, 2013 1:23 am

Connected Fates 4f4v

While Immortus knew that killing Iron Lad would ensure his own end, it would also end Kang, and ensure the correct unraveling of time. As soon as he struck the final blow, everything seemed to flicker out of existence, leaving Limbo encapsulated in darkness for what may have been an eternity...

Connected Fates F3u6

Having sought out the being known as Nekron, Darkseid helped him to find a way to restore the Black Lantern Corps, even if only temporarily. As all the would be heroes that so often hampered him were dealt with, Darkseid himself was able to unleash the equation on the grandest scale imaginable. And then there was nothing...

Connected Fates Pfrn

Given his final decision by the Catalyst, Commander Shepard made his choice. Bursting with sudden adrenaline, he rushed forward, everything becoming surrounded in a blindingly brilliant light...

Connected Fates Ymst

Darth Vader turned on the Sith Lord that had trained him. Lifting his master over his head, Vader threw him over the railing, to his death. Luke Skywalker could feel the Emperor's rage flooding the force, but the rage ended. Replacing it was what seemed an eternity of being able to feel nothing...

Connected Fates Fx1a

It was all he could do not to wallow in depression. Chris Redfield could hear the first of the missiles detonating, the first sign of Wesker's virus taking the world by surprise. And with that explosion came a deafening silence as everything seemed to fade from existence...

Connected Fates 3sb0

As they drew near, she realized he was wearing an amulet Angel had once given her. She also realized that it was steadily growing brighter. In the heart of the Hellmouth, the amulet increased in intensity, overcoming everything around them. After a moment, the chaos died. Replacing it was a silence...

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