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Again with the Coffee Machine? // Open

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Again with the Coffee Machine? // Open Empty Again with the Coffee Machine? // Open

Post by Guest on Sun Nov 17, 2013 2:43 pm

William walked into a certain room, he really need his afternoon cup of coffee. But when he walked into the room he saw something that was kind of a familiar sight. The coffee machine was broken.. again. The man sighed as he walked over to the machine to see exactly how damaged the device was, "Oh great.. here comes another session to fix the coffee machine."

William placed it on the table in the middle of the room and pushed a chair out of the way. Reaching into one of the deep pockets of his cargo pants got out a small tool kit that he always carried around.

Removing the outer decorative part, Will started fixing the parts that were damaged the worst. Luckily none of the wires were damaged beyond repair. But the man was not happy that once again he was spending time to fix the coffee machine.. he has kept track as to how many times he had to fix it.. this was going to make it the seventh time that he had to fix the coffee machine.

William kept his gaze on the machine parts, to make sure that none winded up on the floor or picked up by someone else. And as of right now he did not feel like he wanted to talk to anyone.

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