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Nobody wants to be lonely || Thor

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Nobody wants to be lonely || Thor Empty Nobody wants to be lonely || Thor

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 15, 2013 8:16 pm

It was a well-known fact that Idrys had spent most of her life in Heaven and had rarely got down to walk the Earth. She was that kind of angel that loved humans; she loved people and everything they did for a living, the way they had learned almost by themselves how survive in this crazy world, filled with mystical beings that seemed to be there only in order to confuse them, to distract them from their real goals and then mock them when they manage to do it. And even so, people were far from being innocent and helpless. They were sometimes even worse than some of the natural beings; they had created an insane society and they were all part of that complicated machinery that kept it moving around. They were often silly, caring only about what was on the outside, and not on the inside, but even these imperfections made Idrys crave for them more. However, God and the older angels had not let her leave their beloved Heaven as often as she would have liked to. They always felt like she needed to be protected, which sometimes could get rather irritating, seeing that she had got older as well and she was mature enough in order to decide for herself.

Anyway, maybe the angels had got it this time, because in the past few months she had been able to get to the Earth more often than before. And she was fascinated by what she was finding here, unlike many other of the Heaven inhabitants. However, she had not gone to a busy city just yet; maybe she was not ready for it just yet. But she had gone to small villages, met with people and talked to them about everything that was around them.

This time however, she had picked one of the frozen Northern islands. She knew that the chances to meet with someone were extremely small, but this time she only wanted to have a taste of the world’s beauty all by herself. Of course, she wouldn’t be bothered if she met with somebody, but her goal was to just enjoy God’s gorgeous creation for a while.

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