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Well That Was a Shock [Thor] Empty Well That Was a Shock [Thor]

Post by Guest on Fri Nov 15, 2013 6:54 pm

Okay, Mae loved her job, but tonight had been one of those nights that made her question her direction in life.

It had all been going fine. She and the rest of the staff were all busy getting the patients to bed. There was one guy, a forty-year old, balding man who never seemed to get the fact that the bell meant it was time to go back to his room for the night. He was one of hers, the kind who didn't speak a word of English.

Usually they spoke fantasy languages like Elvish or Romulan. She'd even met a patient who spoke his own version of robot, which was really just a mix of binary, beeps, and boops. This guy, however, well he spoke Latin. He was convinced that he was the pope and, up until tonight, they'd thought he was harmless.

When the bell rang, Mae knew he wasn't going to get up, so she walked over, and gently reminded him it was time for bed. He looked up at her, his eyes went blank, pupils dilating, and launched himself at her.

Before anyone could do anything about it, she was pinned against a table with him screaming into her face and she didn't fail to notice that it was in English this time. Of course, that had to be her. She's in very real danger and what does she notice? The friggin language.

The lights surged and then popped and they were in darkness. The pope found himself flat on his back, his hair sizzled at odd angles. She could still feel the tingles from the shock she'd given him. He hadn't even needed to be sedated because she'd knocked him out cold.

A lot of confusion followed and she'd been given the rest of the night off, whether he threw another temper tantrum when he woke up or not. She tried going home, tried to relax, but the second she got through the door, her front lightbulb burnt out.

Fuming, she turned to the cupboard and reached into the box. One left. It burst the moment she touched it. Oh for fuck's sake!

Sighing, she threw the remnants of the bulb into the trash and plopped on her couch. She had no TV...they tended to explode or burn out or just not turn on. And with no light and the sun setting, she was fast running out of options for things to do.

Finally, she gave up and grabbed her keys. Locking the door, she headed back out. By now it was pretty much dark and more than a little chilly. Of course, what she had in mind meant she wouldn't feel the cold.

It'd been at least two weeks since she'd last taken dragon form and the electricity was really starting to build up. A little run and flight around central park would do her some good.

Of course, she had a few hours before it would be late enough to be safe for her to do that without anyone seeing. Hot chocolate sounded like a wonderful way to pass the time, so she bought some and wandered the city for a bit.

It wasn't too long before she found a fire escape that was down and climbed it. Central park could wait. Right now she was enjoying sitting on a rooftop, her legs dangling over the edge. She had one sip of hot chocolate left and she downed it before staring down at the speeding lights of New York City. It was so different from home...

Thunder crackled overhead. Hmm. Wonder if it's going to rain.

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